New Boygatech tractor trailer

new Boygatech tractor trailer
new Boygatech tractor trailer
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new Boygatech tractor trailer image 3
new Boygatech tractor trailer image 4
new Boygatech tractor trailer image 5
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Brand:  Boygatech
Model:  tractor trailer
Type:  tractor trailer
Year of manufacture:  2024
Load capacity:  25000 kg
Location:  Turkey TEKİRDAĞ
Placed on:  yesterday
Agronetto ID:  XW39291
Condition:  new
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Colour:  green

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Best Tractor Trailers: Basic Information

Tractor trailers are vehicles used for the collection, transportation and storage of agricultural products. They usually have a durable frame made of steel or aluminum and have a large loading capacity. These trailers help farmers take their produce out of the field and transport it to storage facilities.

Uses of Tractor Trailers

Harvest Operations: Tractor trailers are used to transport crops collected in the field during the harvest period. This applies to cereals, fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products.

Fertilizer and Material Handling: Tractor trailers are used for the distribution of field fertilizer or other agricultural materials. This helps farmers to transport fertilizers to the field and apply them.

Barn Cleaning: Tractor trailers are also effectively used in barn cleaning operations. They are used to transport and dispose of waste materials accumulated inside the barn.

Wood Transportation: Some tractor trailers are specially designed to transport wood or wood products. This is important for forest enterprises.

Advantages of Tractor Trailers

In addition to making farming operations more efficient, tractor trailers offer farmers a range of benefits:

High Capacity: The large loading capacity makes it possible to transport large quantities of products or materials.
Time Savings: The ability to transport products quickly speeds up work processes and saves time.
Less Manpower: Tractor trailers require less manpower than manual handling, thus reducing labor costs.
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